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      Our company was established in Jiangmen in July 2017 and put into operation in September. It is a comprehensive flexible packaging manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales. The product range includes bottle cap film, food packaging bag, suction nozzle self-supporting bag, various plastic packaging bags and special function packaging purposes, etc. Its parent company, Dongguan Meilin packaging materials Co., Ltd., was established in 2005, registered Meilin Packaging Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong in November 2016, set up Qiangwei packaging branch in Jiangmen in July 2017, and acquired Dongguan Zhigao plastic printing packaging Co., Ltd. in June 2018; The company has a full set of advanced plastic production equipment, mainly including blow molding machine, high-speed gravure printing machine, dry compound machine..

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